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Al Curry reciting selected poems

About the author, Al Curry

Hello, my name is Alphonse Curry Sr. and I long to share the love of Jesus through God inspired poems. I challenged God in prayer and He responded. I prayed for a legacy and a purpose and He gave me both all wrapped up in a neat little package. He made it clear to me that my purpose was to minister to the body of Christ in rhythm from His word. In other words, help feed the sheep. Then He whispered in my ear, "People will read what you have written long after you are gone." So there I had them both: my purpose and my legacy. I was so excited I began to work for the Lord that very day by writing my first poem. The number of poems has now grown to over 4,200, and I am in love with each of them.

My hope is that God's message in rhythm will inspire many to devote more attention to His word. In the book of Hosea, chapter 4, verse 6, God said, "...my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." It is imperative that we understand Him and His word. The poems I have written entertain, educate, inform, minister, and help renew the mind.

Jesus told Peter, "If you love me feed my sheep." The poems I write are my way of attempting to do just that. The God inspired poems I write are the most rewarding just I have ever had. What I write is a blessing to me and I hope it turns out to be a blessing to you as well.

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